Nikah Ceremony of Kenny and Sharda

A man and woman posing for a photo in a traditional dress during their nikah ceremony.

The Nikah ceremony I was able to document for Sharda and Kenny was wonderful.

They were easy going, full of laughs, and a joy to photograph! I document their ceremony for 2 hours and captured the other wedding festivities like the reception the following day.

A woman in an Indian dress admiring herself in the mirror. Two women wearing pink saris embrace each other. A woman in a purple lehenga posing in front of a window for her nikah ceremony. A bride in a purple lehenga with gold jewelry for her nikah ceremony. A man in a nikah outfit is walking down the street. Two pictures of a man and a woman during their nikah ceremony, holding a baby. A group of people attending a nikah ceremony in a living room. A group of people sitting at a nikah ceremony. A black and white photo capturing a group of Indian brides and grooms sharing moments of joy during their nikah ceremony. A group of people standing in front of a tent, celebrating a nikah ceremony. A black and white photo of a group of people at a nikah wedding. Two pictures of a wedding ceremony with a man and a woman solemnizing their nikah. A Nikah ceremony is being captured by a camera. Two pictures capturing the joyous nikah ceremony of a bride and groom at their wedding. A group of people posing for a nikah ceremony picture. Two pictures of a man giving a speech at a nikah ceremony. A beautiful nikah ceremony featuring a radiant bride and groom. A bride and groom are posing for a photo during their nikah ceremony. A man and woman dressed in traditional Islamic attire are smiling during their nikah ceremony.

In the brides own words:

Konrad was a pleasure to work with from the beginning stages of wedding planning to the very end!  He was understanding and knowledgable on just how hectic a Wedding can get and knew the right questions to ask.  On the day of our wedding ceremony he arrived early and jumped right in. Throughout the ceremony he also captured photos which told a story, he is a pro at candid shots! It’s so much fun looking back at our wedding photos because it feels like we are reliving the event again. He was always easy to contact via email or cell phone. We also received our photos in three weeks. He sent me sneak previews within a day or two after the weeding, which I thought was a great touch of service. If you’re looking for a photographer that can capture your vision and does it with a smile– Konrad is your guy!” (Google)

Would love to hear what you have planned for your wedding.

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