Mehndi At Antuns By Minar

A mesmerizing Indian couple, adorned with stunning mehndi designs, striking a pose for an exquisite photo captured at Antuns.

 This Mehndi at Antuns By Minar was a great event to photograph!

Manile and Nahiyan are great clients and over the course of the weekend they really became friends. Nothing faces them and they are just so relaxed and fun to be around. I photographed the Nikkah the night before and their wedding the day after this event. So it was basically a fun filled three day weekend and I feel so lucky to have been able to document it for them!

My favorite part of the Mehndi were the dances of course. It was great to see what their friends and family came up with. The colors too are something that as a photographer I just loved. Hard to take a bad photograph really!

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In the grooms own words:

“My wife and I met with a lot of photographers and decided to go with Konrad because we thought all the photos he posted on his website were amazing. It was nice hearing our friends and family say the same about our engagement photos and wedding photos. Aside from taking great photos, Konrad is also very professional and easy to work with. He’s always early to shoots, great at returning calls/emails/texts, managing time, and communicating with us so we always knew what was going on and what was coming up. During the engagement shoot and the 3 days of wedding festivities, Konrad was always upbeat, funny, and confident so that everyone around him was at ease and having fun. I’m really glad he was apart of our wedding, and I hope other people have that privilege as well.” (Google)

Hope you enjoyed this Mehndi at Antuns event.

Would love to hear what you have planned for your celebration.

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