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A Brooklyn wedding with the bride and groom standing on a rooftop overlooking the city.

Sarah and Wes in their own words had a cozy Brooklyn wedding!

They got featured in APW and I’ll let Sarah take it away.

“Taking the subway to the ceremony was totally worth it. Even though the women at the dress shop were scandalized. I love the subway so much I joked we should get married at the transit museum. We chose Konrad as much for his subway pictures as for his many other pros. And some of my favorite pictures are from the ride over. I also really enjoyed the fact that 95 percent of the people on the train and on the street don’t even care that you are the weirdo in your fluffy white dress.

My favorite paragraph from the article.

“I was worried about being fat for my wedding. I’m definitely the heaviest I’ve been. I can’t pretend like it doesn’t smart sometimes but I decided that I was just going to pick a good dress (David’s for the win) and a good photographer. Have a great time and hope that came through in the photos. I really think it does.

“And besides, if Wes can love me like I am, certainly I can do him the credit of not contradicting him.”

For more on their story check out the article.

A pair of pink shoes and a wedding ring on a brooklyn chevron pattern. A Brooklyn bride and groom sitting on a couch. Two pictures of a bride and groom with bow ties at their Brooklyn wedding. A Brooklyn bride with glasses holding a bouquet of flowers. A brooklyn wedding party on a rooftop with a view of the city. A Brooklyn wedding couple walking outside of a pizza restaurant. Two pictures of a bride and groom on a subway train during their Brooklyn wedding. A bride and groom sitting on a bench in a subway station in Brooklyn, capturing the essence of their unique Brooklyn wedding. Two photos of a bride and groom in front of a building during their Brooklyn wedding. A Brooklyn bride and groom standing in front of a brick building. A wooden sign adorned with a glass of wine and a bottle of wine, perfect for a Brooklyn wedding celebration. A black and white photo of a Brooklyn wedding ceremony. A collage of pictures capturing the essence of a Brooklyn wedding reception. A happy bride and groom smiling in front of a brick wall at their Brooklyn wedding. A brooklyn wedding reception with balloons. A group of people sitting at a table during a brooklyn wedding celebration, surrounded by balloons. A group of people are holding up their phones at a Brooklyn wedding party. A Brooklyn bride and groom laughing at their wedding reception. A Brooklyn wedding where the bride and groom are cutting their wedding cake. A brooklyn wedding cake topper with a bride and groom.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and got some ideas and inspirations for your Brooklyn wedding photography. For some more insight into their wedding planing see what Sarah had to say in the article below.

A brooklyn wedding website featuring a picture of a bride and groom.

Would love to hear what you have planned for your wedding.

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